Show quality products for you, making you happy and satisfied.


Show quality products for you, making you happy and satisfied.

Abou us

Our Company 
Our company, The Beauty Nation Pte Ltd, originated as a health products developer since 2004, specializes in functional food supplements, nutritional supplements, health products and cosmetics. We are a Singapore private-owned company ran by a committed team of “family members”. Spearhead by our Directors, our dynamic Sales team and efficient administrators. Over the years, the Company uphold the concept “the origins of nature and healthy living", brings together the wisdom of many health experts and the plant chemist. Tracking the historical path of traditional remedies and constantly pursue research finding of natural essence for the interest of everyone’s health.

Our Mission
We listen and learn from health advisers and our customers, we remained dedicated to discovering and developing innovative products using natural plant. Most of the plants were clinically studied for at least 10 years in research and development on health and beauty applications. 21st century is the era of the biotechnology. Thus, we focus on natural ingredient process by modern extraction technology that could retain the active components and beneficial to our body. We strive to provide the public with valuable products and to make a positive difference in both their health and in the health product industries.

Our Strength
We contribute our best effort to the community taking us where we are today, strong and dynamic. This is what drives our company to excel and distinguish from others. With a successful track record of sales, feedback from happy clients and customers recommendation whom provided true testimonials to the effectiveness of our products.

Our Quality
Our success comes from our dedication to caring for and catering to the needs of one’s health. The safety of our products was assessing in clinical trials and test before it can be approved for marketing. We take great care in sourcing for the right ingredients. From selection to production, all procedures conform to natural and are made in strict accordance; the most secure and effective health supplements. We also take great responsibility in a process that leads to the final consumer enjoying a natural, healthy life and safe product.

Our Vision
During these few years, we have established a strong foundation in Singapore health industry with its recognized product efficacy and stringent quality assurance. We want everyone to know how to maintain your own health with high-quality health supplement and yet cost effective. And by helping everyone to improve their daily health and lead happier lives longer and better is what we are most concerned about.

The Beauty Nation, believes in natures' best and provides everyone a natural healthy life. 

We use ingredient process by advanced extration technology to abtain the active components of the herbs while retaining its natural essence than traditional method. 

Company Development History

November - held in Guangzhou to participate in the International Chinese Barney Eighteenth National (Guangzhou) Culture, Adult Supplies, Health Care Products Expo.
April - in China Meibang international obligations held the sixth session of Chinese International E-commerce Expo.
August - Barney Singapore Press Holdings International was nominated, elected United Evening IN enterprises for the year 2015 in Singapore business which is more than 10 years of health entrepreneurs.
June - American International Participation held in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Convention Center sixteenth Malaysia international food and beverage exhibition.
April - the 10 anniversary celebration of the opening of international america.
August - Barney Singapore Press Holdings International was nominated for selection of innovative enterprises has the characteristics of IN United Evening News Company 2013 annual singapore.
June - Smith Barney international and Singapore NanYang Polytechnic Department of chemistry and life science cooperation in product development. NanYang Polytechnic is an educational institution established in 1992.
May - American International led the team to participate in organized by the United Evening News on the Marina Bay Sands convention center of the 2013 annual health beauty show.
December - mainbond Int'l led the team to participate in the nineteenth Albania international trade fair.
May - American international team attended by United Evening in Singapore a new exhibition center hosted the 2012 annual exhibition of health and beauty.
August - Barney Singapore Press Holdings International was selected as the nominee, United Evening News IN enterprise 2010 Singapore Youth Award for enterprise.
May - International under the fierce Kuwait Smith Barney brand was "business world" nomination, elected 2010 annual "Asia Pacific" outstanding brand award.
July - the international subsidiary of Kuwait Meng Smith officially published official website:
August - the Kuwait International's Smith Barney fierce male special brand and product officially listed.
April - American International formally established its new brand - "fierce" and the birth of kuwait.

Show quality products for you, making you happy and satisfied.


Cooperative advantage1, Brand Influence
Brand has 12 years’history in Singapore with high reputation and good image.
2,Product Diversity
Multiple brand products to meet different customers’needs.
3,Strong R&D Team
Cooperate with Nanyang Institute of Technology researching herbs and continuously launch new products.
4,Powerful Support
Providing product information and pictures, Help putti

Condition1, Has a stable marketing channel and can quickly cut into the market.
2,Has passion in start-up business.

Cooperation policyWe are inviting new dealers and distributors, including wholesale, retail, E-ecomerce, Wechat selling, distribution, OEM/ODM etc.
1, We can deliver the goods from 1 bottle.
2, Wholesale from 10 bottles, the more the cheaper.

Show quality products for you, making you happy and satisfied.

Health information

Women's health

Women's health

Sexual Function Contribution

During the rapid treatment program, the daily report and ensuing discussions between the cotherapists and marital partners describing the non orgasmic wife's reactions and as well as those of her interacting husband, provide an incisive measure of the degree to which the requirements of her functioning sexual value system are being met or negated, or the extent to which she progressively is able to adapt her requirements.These discussions provide simultaneous opportunity for a more finite evaluation of the levels of interactive contribution to sexual function by her bio physical and psychosocial systems.The treatment of both primary and situational orgasmic dysfunction requires a basic under

Women's health

Women's health

Treatment Of Orgasmic Dysfunction

Treat OrgasmNeither the biophysical nor the psychosocial systems which influence expression of the human sexual component have a biologically controlled demand to make specifically positive or negative contributions to sexual function.This fact does not alter the potential of the systems interdigitational contribution to the formation of effective patterns of sexual response. When this potential is not realized by the natural development of psycho physiological sexual complements, the result is sexual dysfunction.The initialpsychosocial contributions toward realization of this potential may come through positive experience of early imprinting. Imprinting is a process whereby a perceptual sig